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Client Manager : Property Notes

What is it?

Property Notes are an effective form of streamlined communication between you and your Clients. They allow you to stay in constant contact with your Client so you can answer their questions about specific properties of interest within Listingbook. When Property Notes are created by the Client, you will receive an email and system notification alerting you to respond to the message. The Property Notes section of your Client Manager is the central location for all notes create by your Clients and allows you to respond and manage those notes in an efficient manner.

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Property Notes overview

How do I use it?

Once your client has initiated a note on a property, the client name, property address, time posted and content of the message is displayed in the grid view. New messages are highlighted in yellow and rise to the top of the grid. Clicking on the name will take you to that client's dashboard. Clicking on the property address will display the property detail page. Clicking on the "Leave Note" link will allow you to respond to your Client's message.

Only the latest message is displayed in the grid unless you click the "Full Thread" link at the bottom of the note. Clicking on the "Full Thread" link will display all messages left by both you and your Client as it relates to that specific property. Text that is grey is the response from you Client, while text in red is your response.

The "Filter" drop-down allows you to view all of your Client Property Notes or notes from specific Clients. Only Clients that have left a Property Note are displayed in the dropdown list.

The "View" drop-down allows you to view the list by the past seven days, the past 30 days or only new messages.

Selecting the checkbox beside the name of the Client will give the option to archive the selected thread. Click the "Archive Selected" link to archive. Once you have archived a thread, you can view it by selecting the Client's name in the "Filter" drop-down and then subsequently choosing "Archive" in the "View" drop-down.


Filter – Allows the ability to refine your view based on a specific Client.

View – Allows the ability to refine your view based on time period or archive.

View Full Thread – Displays all communication from your Client as it relates to a specific property.

Collapse Full Thread – Closes the View Full Thread and displays the last note in the thread.


Can I delete a Property Note? - You are not able to delete Property Notes. However, you do have the ability to Archive specific notes that may not be relevant.

How do I access my Archived Notes? - You can access archived notes by selecting the Client in the "Filter" drop-down and then selecting "Archive" in the "View" drop-down.

Am I able to initiate a Property Note as the Agent? - No. Property Notes are initiated by the Client. Once the Client creates the Property Note, you are able reply.

Is there a limit to how much information can be entered in a Property Note? - Yes. There is a 1000 character limit per each response.

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