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Client Manager : View Clients

What is it?

Client Manager is a quick and efficient customer management tool that provides the ability to track your Clients' activity within Listingbook. The Client Manager Grid View is separated into two sections. The top portion is for Clients that are actively engaged in the buying or selling process. The bottom portion is for all other Clients that are not quite ready to buy or sell and that are casually searching or staying up-to-date with current market conditions.

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Client Manager overview

How do I use it?

For Clients that are actively searching for a home or have their property listed, Listingbook allows you to pin that client to the top of the grid.  Pinning can be achieved by selecting the checkbox beside the Client folder name.  Once the box is checked, the client folder will move from the bottom section to the top section.  If a client is no longer actively involved in the buying or selling process, you can uncheck the pin box next to their name and they will be placed back into the bottom grid.

Additionally, the Client Manager Grid View is your gateway into the Client Dashboard, the central repository for all activity within a Client Folder. To access a Client Dashboard, click on any name in the Client Folder column. You can also access any Client Dashboard by clicking on the activity results in the following columns: Search Results, Views, Favorites, Rejects, Notes, Address and Competition.


Activity Tab – Displays an overview of your Clients and their activity within Listingbook.

Open Houses Tab – Displays Clients that have received Open House promotion invitations.

Search Input Box – Allows you to type a specific Client name so that you can search quickly through your Client list. Your Client list will begin to shorten once you begin typing. To return to the full list of your Clients, click the "Show All" link beside the input box

Show Number of Client Folders – Allows you to specify the number of Clients you would like to display per page in the top and bottom grids.

Pin – Allows you to group Clients based on where they are in the buying/selling process. Selecting a checkbox will move Clients from the bottom grid to the top grid. Deselecting the checkbox in the top grid will move the Client to the bottom grid.

Client Folder – Contains all the information relating to Clients within a specific folder. Clicking on any link within the Client Folder column will take you to the Client Dashboard.

Search Results – New listings that match your Client's Home Finder criteria.

Views – These are the total number of properties viewed by your client. A view is determined when a Client accesses the Property Detail of any listing.

Favorites – Properties your Client has selected as a favorite.

Rejects – Properties your Client has rejected.

Notes – Indicates your client has left notes about specific properties.

Address – The property address of a listing you have assigned to your Client (Seller).

Competition - Displays the number of properties in an area and price range that have been specified in the Client Dashboard Seller Services tab.

Last Login – Time or day that your Client last accessed the Listingbook system.

Source – The way your Client was entered into the Listingbook system. Values include, MLS Import and Manual Entry.

Add A Client – Allows you to enter a new Client into your Client Manager. Once a the required information is placed into your Client Manager, a Listingbook account activation email is sent on your behalf to the client.

Import Prospects – Allows you to enter Clients into your Client Manager on a volume basis. The methods for Importing Prospects include MLS Import (if available), Manual Entry and file import via CSV (Comma Separated Values).

Property Notes - Comments or questions your client has left for you about specific properties.


What are Suggested Action Items? Suggested Action Items are tasks that are created based on activity within the Listingbook system. Action Items are a guide for next steps in the system based on previous actions or activity.

Can I sort the data in the Client Manager? - Yes, you can sort any column by clicking on the column header. Clicking the header once will sort the data from ascending to descending order. Clicking the header a second time will sort the data from descending to ascending.

How can I locate a specific Client Folder? - Use the Search field at the top of the grid to quickly find a Client Folder. Begin by typing the Client Folder name. Matching results will begin to appear based on the characters that you type into the input box.

TIP: To quickly view the Clients that are in a specific folder, place your cursor over the Client Folder name and list of the Clients within the folder will appear.

How do I add a new Client to my Client Manager? - Adding a Client can be accomplished by selecting either "Add A Client" icon or the "Import Prospects" icon at the top of the page.

What happens if I designate my Client as a Seller? - If your Client is a Seller, you need to assign the appropriate listing to them. Once a listing has been assigned, you Client will receive market updates including new competition and area sales.

What happens if I designate my Client as both a Buyer and a Seller? - If the Client is a Buyer and Seller, the first step is to create a Home Finder that specifies your client's search criteria.  The second step is to assign a listing to your Client. Designating a Home Finder and assigning a listing allows your Client to receive relevant information so that they can be kept up-to-date on market conditions.

How can I modify my Client’s Home Finder or competition information? - All information relating to your Client and their activity can be accessed in the Client Dashboard by clicking on the name in the Client Folder column. The "Edit Home Finder" tab is the section of the Client Dashboard that allows you to specify your Client's search criteria or edit the existing search criteria for that specific Client’s Home Finder. The "Seller Services" tab is the section of the Client Dashboard that allows you to assign multiple properties to your client and edit the competition area/price range.

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