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My Listings : Property Dashboard

What is it?

Property Dashboard is your gateway to all your On Market and Off Market Listings.  The dashboard is a central location for your listings with detailed activity and property information.  Each listing that you manage in Listingbook will be displayed in the dashboard with specific tabs provided for easy access to find and efficiently use the property specific information.  The Overview, Feedback, Promotions, Competition, and Sales Trends tabs displayed in the Property Dashboard will organize all the necessary listing information.  Each tab will be continually updated as new activity or information becomes available for your listings.

How do I use it?

Each tab in the Property Dashboard provides specific listing information to benefit your management of the property.  These tabs include the following:

Overview – This tab displays all the listing details and property views.  All the property photos will be presented in a slideshow player plus a complete list of all the Listing Information will be displayed with the ability to open the full Property Detail Page.  Plus charts are displayed for each type of Property View.  These charts provide the ability to select the time interval which allows you to track not just how many views, but when the views occurred.

Feedback – This tab will display all the feedback provided by Listingbook users when they “Reject” the property.  Feedback will only display when the property has been rejected and comments were applied to the listing.  The feedback will consist of “Reasons for rejection” and any other notes.

Promotions – The Promotions tab allows you to schedule a promotion, plus provides all the details related to past promotions.  You can schedule a promotion for the listing simply by clicking the “Promote Listing” button.  Once promotions have completed, then a new View Report module will be displayed to review all the details and statistics related to the Listingbook Promotion.

Competition – Properties within Listingbook that are displayed as competition for this listing.  This tab allows you to review all the Competition for this listing based on a defined area and price range.  The area and price range are configured in the Client Folder on the Seller Services tab that the listing has been assigned.  The Competition tab in the Property Dashboard is a display only of the competing properties.

Sales Trends – This tab displays the number of properties sold within specific periods of time and price ranges.  The report can be configured with the “Show Report For” drop down to display statistics for 1 mile radius or entire MLS area.  The Price Ranges are generated based on the listing price of the property.  Each column displays the number of properties that match the price range, time period, and area.  The Sales Trends will continually update as properties are sold in the area.

The purpose for each tab is to accurately provide all the statistics, listing details, and any other information that will assist you in the process of managing your listings.  All the information displayed on the Property Dashboard will be updated automatically while the listing is active in Listingbook.


Overview – Displays the all the listing details and property views for the Listing.

Feedback – Comments left by Listingbook users on your property when they have marked it as a reject.

Promotions – Ability to schedule Property Promotions as well as see the history all past Promotions that have run on your Listing.

Competition - Displays the properties that are within a competitive Area and Price Range to that of your Sellers.

Sales Trends – Report that provides you with Area Sales statistics based on current market conditions and properties Sold in the past Year within your Listings’ Price Range.

On Market – Active listings within Listingbook.

Off Market – Listings that are no longer Active Listings within Listingbook.

Property Views– All Listings within Listingbook have data stored based on how many users have viewed the property on the Listingbook System.  Views types include Unique, Capsule, Total, and any other areas within Listingbook that a property is displayed.

Show Report For Drop Down– Displayed on the “Sales Trends” tab to adjust the area used to generate the data.


Are Buyers required to leave Feedback when “Rejecting” a Listing?  No, this is just a suggestion to provide feedback to the Listing Agent.  Listingbook user can choose to not leave Feedback during the Reject property process.

Can I change the Competition area and price range?  The Competition in the Property Dashboard is just an Overview of the Competition surrounding your Listing, and may not be edited in this section. Competition modifications need to be done from with the Client Dashboard on the Seller Services tab.

How do I schedule a Promotion?  Simply click the “Promote Listing” button displayed on the “Promotions” tab to begin the process for scheduling a Promotion for your Listing within Listingbook.

Can I view a larger area for Sales Trends?  Yes, simply select a different value from the “Show Report For” drop down menu displayed on the “Sales Trends” tab.  This will allow you to expand the area used to generate the Sales Trends data. 

How do I change the time period displaying Property Views on the chart?  Simply change the “Select Interval” drop down menu or choose a different “View” by clicking on of the tabs displayed at the bottom of the chart.  The “Views” include Day, Week, and Month.  These options are provided so you can find exact times that Property Views have occurred within Listingbook.

Can other Agents view Feedback left on one of My Listings?  No, the Feedback displayed on the Property Dashboard will only be available for the Listing Agent.  The Property Dashboard and all the data presented on each tab is only available to view for the Listing Agent.

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