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What is it?

The Add A Client function allows you to quickly enter new Clients into your Client Manager. This process adds Clients one at a time into your Client Manager as opposed to adding groups of Clients (which can be accomplish with the Import Prospects function).

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How to add a client

How do I use it?

To provide an account for your Client, enter the required fields and click the "Add Client" button.  Once you have clicked the "Add Client" button, an email invitation to activate their Listingbook will be send to the Client on your behalf.

You will be redirected to the Client Dashboard to create a Home Finder if the Client is a Buyer or to assign a property if they are a Seller. Remember, if a Home Finder is not created or a property is not assigned, the Client will not receive a Morning Report.

Please refer to the Client Dashboard section in the Help Center for an overview of how to create a Home Finder and assign listings to your Client.


Add A Client – Provides access to create Listingbook accounts for your clients.

Client – Someone who is actively engaged in purchasing or selling a home.

Prospect – Someone who is thinking about buying or selling, but had not committed to the transaction.


How do I add a Client? - Click "Add a Client," select whether you would like their status to be "Client" or "Prospect," and enter the Client’s first name, last name and email address. Lastly, choose their client type (Buyer/Seller/Both) and click the "Add Client" button.

What is the difference between a Client and a Prospect? - Activity from a person designated as a Prospect IS NOT included in your Morning Report. Activity from a person designated as a Client IS included in your Morning Report.

What information is required when adding a Client? - The Client’s first name, last name, and their email address.

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