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Share : Share Listingbook

What is it?

Listingbook’s Share Page includes easy share buttons that allow you to quickly post invitations to get a Listingbook account from you on social media or through email.

How do I use it?

Clicking a share button brings up a pre-written post or email that you can edit, along with your unique invite link that ensures any clients or prospects who click it will get a Listingbook account from you and not another agent. The share page also includes your unique invite link in case you’d prefer to copy and paste it into an email or social media post yourself.

About Printing

Listingbook has been configured to print using the default settings of both your operating system (Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X)and your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari). If you are experiencing printing issues, please consult your operating system or browser documentation to revert your print settings.